【Application Guidelines & Form】Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING) FY2024&Next Generation AI Human Resource Development Program(BOOST) FY2024★Updated on April 16


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) has been selected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for the “Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation “, and will start the new “FLOuRISH Fellowship Program for Next-Generation Researchers” in the academic year 2024, integrating the “FLOuRISH Fellowship Program for Next-Generation Researchers” and “FLOuRISH  JIRITSU (Independent) Fellowship Program”.

In the same way, the “Next Generation AI Human Resource Development Program ” (BOOST) has been adopted and will be launched as the “Next Generation AI PhDs Development Program Creating future society through cutting edge research” (FL-BOOST) in academic year 2024, simultaneously with the “FLOuRISH Fellowship Program” (FL-SPRING).

Both programs provide doctoral students with research grants and research expenses to create an environment in which they can concentrate on their researches, acquire cutting-edge research skills from new and unconventional perspectives, and develop advanced innovation leaders in science who can contribute to the society. In addition to the above, FL-BOOST aims to foster global next-generation AI PhDs with advanced expertise and multidisciplinary perspectives who will develop, apply, and practice the latest AI, mathematical, and data science technologies.

2024.4.16  FAQs have been updated. Please refer to “Recording video & explanation materials.

2024.4.16 Explanatory materials have been added. Please refer to “3. Required Documents” and see “★Download here” link.

2024.4.12 Application Guidelines have been revised. If you have already downloaded “3. Required Documents”, please refer to “01_Application Guidelines_20240412 update.pdf”.
Due to the delay in the grant, the first transfer date of the research grant will be July 17 (Wed.)



●Online Information Session: March 27 (Wed) 12:10-12:50
Wednesday, March 27
12:10-12:50  For faculty
14:00-15:00 For students (Japanese)
15:00-16:00 for students (English)

●Open Call for Applications: April 1 (Mon)
●Application deadline: April 15(Mon) noon
●Results announcement : Mid-May
●Orientation: May 17 (Fri) 13:00-


<Application Guidelines and Application Form>

Application opens on April 1, 2024


1. Number of applicants

・FL-SPRING: 45 students (D1),15 students (D2),a few (D3) (Tentative* The number of applicants may change.)
※Fellows at Cooperative Division of Veterinary Sciences are considered as slots below; Yr 1 and 2 is D1 , Yr 3 and Yr 4 is D2.
・FL-BOOST:3 students(D1)


2. Application Qualifications

・Applicants must be or enrolled in a doctoral course at TUAT as of April 1, 2024.
・If you are enrolled in an integrated doctoral course, you must have less than 3 years remaining in the standard term of study until completion and have already passed the interim evaluation.
・Applicants mush understand the philosophy as followings.

Applicants are the ones who are eager to become “true science-based advanced innovation leaders” who can contribute to society through cutting-edge research capabilities based on new and unconventional perspectives (e.g., a bird’s-eye view based on entrepreneurship).
In addition to the above, applicants are the ones who intend to promote research and development in the field of next-generation AI, or those who intend to challenge the field of next-generation AI beyond their own expertise (food, energy, life science, environment, etc.) while utilizing their own high expertise.


However, notwithstanding the left column, those who fall under any of the following categories are not eligible to apply.(If even one of the following applies to you, you are not eligible to apply.)

  •      Those who have less than one year remaining in the standard term of study, or those who have passed the standard term of study.

  •    MEXT- sponsored international students

  •    Government-sponsored international students

  •    JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists.

  •    Those who are recognized as having a stable income such as salary, executive compensation from a university or company at a level sufficient to cover living expenses (*1)

  •    Those who receive Scholarship for living expenses (2.4 million yen or more /year) or other scholarships that cannot be received in duplicate (*2)

  •    Those who are absence from school, on leave of absence.
    *1: Based on an annual amount equivalent to 2.4 million yen.
    *2: Those who receive from JIRITSU research scholarship program or  are currently applying for the JIRITSU research scholarship  program of TUAT may also apply for this program in duplicate.


3. Required documents

・Application(FL SPRING and BOOST are same format but additionals for BOOST)
・Pledge/ Agreement
・Bank Account
・Copy of Residence Card
(Only for international students who have already arrived in Japan)

★Download here


4. How to Apply

・Students or host faculty should apply.

★Apply using the Google form below.

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