[For TUAT Japanese Students] Dispatch of Doctoral Students to Overseas Countries


The University Research Center for Advanced Cooperative Research (URAC) will subsidize the cost of dispatching doctoral (later-term) students to overseas universities and research institutes.

The purpose of this program is to nurture researchers who can play an active role in the international community and to strengthen the foundation for international collaborative research.

Interested students should carefully review the materials stored in the folder at the URL below and apply according to the requirements.



Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus infection, there are restrictions on new overseas travel and study. When applying for this grant program, please check the latest “Guidelines for Overseas Travel and Study” and follow the necessary procedures.



is aimed at training  researchers who have communication skills and an international perspective and who can play an active role in international society by conducting research activities (joint research, learning experimental techniques, etc.) in overseas laboratories under the guidance of overseas research supervisors who have research exchanges with our faculty members and who accept our doctoral students  with an educational standpoint.

Eligibility: Doctoral students (later-tem) of TUAT *Students belonging to the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences and the United Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine are limited to those whose university of placement is TUAT.
(Working students and international students who have not been internally admitted from an undergraduate school are not eligible.)

Period of dispatch: approx. 2 to 6 months (flexible depending on content)

Place of dispatch: Overseas universities and research institutes, overseas corporate research laboratories, etc.

Submission deadline: No deadline is set for this year only, and applications will be accepted at any time.

Number of applicants: About 10 (The number of applicants may be reduced depending on the budget situation.)

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