【Wednesday, June 29, 17:00-19:00】Kick off-event “Doctor’s Cafe”.


【Information about gathering event/Registration is open until Tuesday, June 28, 17:00】


Please move to Japnaese ver. when you registrate. (There is also English)


Name: Doctor’s Cafe Kick-off event


The purpose of this event is to interact especially among Ph. D. candidates .  Let’s make horizontal connections between PhDs, which is a lifelong asset.
Undergraduate and master’s students are also welcome to attend, so please come and find out what kind of people and what kind of future vision they have for their doctoral studies in the event.

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 17:00-19:00

Place: Faculty of Technology,  BASE(Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering) Main Bldg. 2nd floor, Old Reading Room
(Building at the map URL ⑱ on the right, https://www.tuat.ac.jp/outline/overview/access/koganei/campus_map/)

Eligibility: Any on-campus student


  • Please register your participation using the form in this article whenever possible. (However, this is a rough meeting that you can join without registration as soon as it becomes convenient for you.
  • In consideration of the Corona situation, we will not be able to provide food or drink. Please bring your own food and beverages.
    (Some beverages will be provided as food loss samples.)
  • If you have something to ingform to attendees, please contact us. We can give you some time in the event.


Schedule (tentative)

17:00-17:10: Explanation of the purpose of the event, other announcements, etc.

17:10-19:00: Student presentations, free discussion, free dismissal

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