This fellowship system intends to provide our doctoral students with an opportunity to work on research subjects in a free and proactive manner. It is designed to foster young independent talent who can develop advanced research skills and thereby contribute to society in a wide range of fields after receiving education regarding business development, social implementation, etc. Fellowship recipients will be provided with necessary fellowship funds, which help create an environment where they can devote themselves to research, and with education programs they can select from. The system will be implemented based on the Implementation Guidance (*1).

Fellowship recipients

Recipients will be selected from applicants by the selection committee, according to the criteria for selection.

Criteria for selection

The selection committee members will evaluate and score application components (reason for nomination, purpose and content of research, yearly plan, track record) from the following perspectives:

  1. Whether an applicant is academically qualified for research activities and has excellent research abilities.
  2. Whether an applicant has an excellent track record in study and research, has a broad perspective in terms of business development and social implementation, and is expected to contribute to society with advanced research skills.

Eligible applicants

  1. TUAT students who are less than 30 years old as of April 1 of the year when they start the fellowship, except if they experienced life events such as childbirth and childrearing. Applicants shall meet either of the following requirements:
    1. First-grade students in the second stage of doctoral programs or in doctoral programs composed of a three-year (second stage) program only (students of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science can apply only if their host researchers belong to TUAT);
    2. Second-grade students in four-year doctoral programs;
    3. Third-grade students in Five-Year Integrated Doctoral Course; or
    4. Other people accepted by Director of the FLOuRISHI Institute.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous section, those who fall into any of the following categories are not eligible:
    1. Government-sponsored foreign students
    2. Students dispatched from foreign governments
    3. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellows

Obligations of fellowship recipients

Fellowship recipients shall focus on their research based on the research plan in consultation with their host researchers as needed. They shall also endeavor to gain advanced research skills and thereby contribute to society in a range of fields through academic activity, business development, social implementation, etc. To that end, they can take various educational programs provided by FLOuRISH.

Host researcher eligibility

Those who can pay one-third (800,000 yen per person per year for three years) of the research dedication support fund (2.4 million yen per capita annually × 3 years = 7.2 million yen) from either of the following funds:

  1. University operating expenses
  2. Donations
  3. Joint research expenses (limited to those allowed by joint research institutions to be used for fellowships)
  4. Other funds allowed by distributing institutions to be used for fellowships

Recruitment information

Please see Topics for the latest information.

  • Recruitment for FY2021 has been finished. Six JIRITSU fellows were accepted.


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